Global Outreach for this Generation: Healing, Love, and Truth

Welcome to LionHeart Generation Ministries: A Christian Ministry Passionate About Raising Warriors for Christ!

Welcome to LionHeart Generation Ministries, a Christian ministry dedicated to bringing the message of the Gospel to those in need and raising up a generation of mighty warriors for Christ. Our mission is inspired by the prophetic words of Malachi 4, which speak of turning the hearts of the children to the Father and restoring the family unit.

Led by Richard B. Simmons, an Apostle, Seer Prophet, and Teacher, our ministry is committed to helping individuals experience a deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We believe that true spiritual growth and fulfillment can only be found through the Truth of God’s word and guidance of the Holy Spirit, rather than through adherence to a set of religious rules and regulations.

At LionHeart Generation Ministries, we offer a variety of resources and opportunities to help individuals on their spiritual journeys. Our sub-ministries include LionHeart Media & TV, Eagles Arise Mentorship, and our Online eSchool.

We also believe in being present in our local communities, offering prophetic words to those God leads us to. Through sharing love, wisdom, counsel, and the touch of the Holy Spirit, we believe that we can make a positive impact on those around us and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Our mission is to empower and equip individuals to live with a LionHeart mentality, overcome obstacles, and make a difference for Christ in the world. We invite you to join us on this journey and discover the truth of Jesus Christ for yourself.

We are excited to share our latest news and events with you! Here are some of the recent happenings at LionHeart Generation Ministries:

  • We recently hosted our annual LionHeart Conference, which brought together believers from across the country to worship, pray, and receive powerful teaching from our team of speakers.
  • Our mentorship program, Eagles Arise, has been growing and thriving as we continue to invest in the next generation of leaders and disciples.

  • We recently launched a new online course, “Living with a LionHeart Mentality,” which has received rave reviews from participants who have been inspired and equipped to live with passion, purpose, and power.

  • Our founder, Richard B. Simmons, has been busy writing and publishing new books, including “Raising the LionHeart Generation” and “The Power of a Transformed Life.”

We are committed to providing relevant and impactful resources to help you grow in your faith and live with a LionHeart mentality. Stay tuned for more exciting news and events from LionHeart Generation Ministries!

We are excited to share our latest news and events with you! Here are some of the recent happenings at LionHeart Generation Ministries:

Become part of our mission to see hearts turned towards the Father and a generation raised up for Christ. By becoming a member of our ministry, you will gain access to invaluable resources, mentorship and training that will empower you with a LionHeart mentality – living with passion, purpose and power. Are you seeking to grow in your faith, need practical tools for life’s difficulties, or simply want to be part of an encouraging community of believers? We welcome all with open arms. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on news and events; come join us as we endeavor to make a difference for Christ in the world. Together, let’s see the LionHeart Generation rise up and make an eternal impact!

Join us for an unforgettable experience at the LionHeart Nations Arise Conference.