LionHeart Generation Ministries, Inc. Houston, TX

Reaching This Generation Globally With healing, love & truth.


12 Month Intensive as seen in the Daily Herald


There is no doubt that the nations of planet earth need Jesus Christ. 

Bridging Nations and Cultures
Reaching ALL with LOVE!
Reaching Out To Roatan, Honduras
Exhorting Generation Z
Bringing Hope through Love, Exhortation and training

From healing the sick to restoring sight to the blind, Jesus has the power to change lives. 

He offers salvation from our sins and the hope of eternal life. He also gives us the freedom to live new lives, free from the chains of our past. Moreover, Jesus is the fulfillment of prophecy, and His coming was foretold by the prophets of old. As such, He is the only One who can truly save us from our current situation. By going to the nations of planet earth for Jesus Christ, we are giving people the opportunity to experience His love and power firsthand. We are giving them hope for a better future and a chance at eternal life. What could be more important than that?

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This is a life-changing event that you don't want to miss!

You will be inspired and motivated to take your walk with God to a relationship of true love, power, and authority.

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You will not regret attending this powerful and transformative tome in the Lord.

Richard "LionHeart" Simmons


is Founder of LionHeart Generation Ministries (LHGM) in Houston, TX

The mission of LionHeart Generation Ministries is to impact the 4 corners of earth and everyone in it with the love, presence, power and relationship of God almighty resulting in a people hearing and responding to the voice of God, living whole and healthy disease free, and emotionally whole. Our flagship school “Champions Institute School” is a global online School of spiritual transformation. We will reach the planet through media and TV, itinerant ministry, missions, and apostolic tribes. The core Apostolic and  Prophetic Ministries is to pave the way for personal, city, regional, national and World revival.

Richard “LionHeart” Simmons lives to share the love of the Father, Jesus Christ, and the precious Holy Spirit with all. 

Richard places a priority on and enjoys seeing a spiritual transformation and does this in the seer prophetic ministry with signs, wonders and miracles following daily.

Richard is called in the apostolic prophetic ministries, and loves reaching the broken, and hopeless with the love of Abba God (The Father), truth of Jesus Christ, and the power of Holy Spirit. Many are edified through Richard’s teaching at Champions School, and his seer prophetic ministry where many receive a powerful life changing prophetic word from God. Many also receive deliverance, and physical healing through Richards ministry and see radical transformations in their lives. Richard is a spiritual father to the fatherless, with a everlasting deep love.

Richard “LionHeart” Simmons travels globally ministering in apostolic, seer prophetic ministry while operating in deliverance and healing Richard has been called “medicine to the nations” and enjoys spiritual fathering his God-given spiritual sons who burn for the presence and fullness of the Lord God. He lives to make disciples of Christ with amazing spiritual transformation. As Richard says “everybody and everything is subject to change in Jesus Christ Name” 

Richard “LionHeart” Simmons has been serving the Lord since 2008. He is passionate about the restoration of the fatherless, wounded and broken in this generation; and a experiential prophetic relationship with the Lord. Richard “LionHeart” Simmons is referred to by many as a spiritual father to the fatherless. 

Richard is founder of LionHeart Generation (LionHeart) and is called and has a burning passion to see people living in freedom and peace. Richard is all about the living and seeing many experiencing His presence not another dry religious service.

His childhood was tumultuous and painful in fact many counselors, ministers, among others have stated in awe that it is a great miracle that Richard is alive today and able to love. However, God has been using those experiences for His glory as seen in Richards book The Miracle Child, where he shares the pain, lost and helplessness he felt due to the abuse of bullies (young and old alike). 

The Miracle Child Book is about redemption, finding one’s purpose and it also encourages the reader to share their pain and lessons learned with others. While Richards newest book Spiritual Pursuit: A 31 day Journey leads people on a path to a closer and more effective experiential walk with Jesus Christ in relationship and power by The Holy Spirit not just another form of religion. 

Richard “LionHeart” Simmons believes: 

“When we overcome hardships and tribulations it is our responsibility to share what we have learned with others and how God brought us through in order to get us to our new season.”