A prophetic mentorship founded by Richard B Simmons Apostle, Seer prophet, and Teacher of Jesus Christ.

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Do you feel like you have a calling on your life?

If so, we want to invite you to consider our prophetic mentorship program. 


Here, you will be mentored by those who have walked in the apostolic and prophetic for many years. You will learn how to move powerfully in the Holy Spirit and do the works of Jesus Christ.


Come and be a part of something bigger than yourself. Allow us to help you grow in your call and maturity so that you can reach your full potential in God.


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“ My life has been absolutely transformed since I started attending the prophetic mentorship program. I have received so much wisdom and insight from my mentor that I never would have had access to otherwise. The program has helped me to grow closer to God and to understand His will for my life more clearly. I am so grateful for the impact this mentorship ”

Jasper A.

Richards Story

Richard B. Simmons is an author, speaker, and founder of LionHeart Generation Ministries. As an apostle and seer prophet, and teacher, he has a burning passion to see the up-and-coming apostles and prophets raised up in the body of Christ. Richard knows the redemption, mercy, favor, and grace of God firsthand and desires to see others experience all that God has for them as well. 

Through LionHeart TV Network, Eagles Arise Mentorship, LionHeart school, and other avenues, Richard is equipping and releasing people into their God-given destiny as part of the end-time apostolic and prophetic army of God.