Welcome to LionHeart Generation Ministries, where our mission is to spread the love, presence, power and relationship of God Almighty around the globe.

Our founder Richard B. Simmons has been serving the Lord since 2008 with a passion for restoring fatherless, wounded and broken people in this generation. Drawing from his own painful childhood experiences, Richard has gained an intimate understanding of redemption’s power to bring healing and purpose in times of suffering – which motivates our ministry’s outreach efforts to reach out and offer healing, love and truth from Christ.

At LionHeart Generation Ministries, we believe in an intimate prophetic relationship with the Lord. Our mission is to empower individuals to live with a LionHeart mentality and overcome any challenges life throws their way. We provide various resources and opportunities for spiritual growth, such as our flagship school Champions Institute School – an online school dedicated to spiritual transformation.

Our ministry also includes LionHeart Media & TV, Eagles Arise Mentorship, and our Online eSchool. Through these subministries we provide individuals with a variety of resources to learn, grow, and connect with others on their spiritual journeys.

Additionally, we believe in being present in our local communities and offering prophetic words to those God leads us to. By sharing love, wisdom, counsel, and the touch of the Holy Spirit, we hope to make a positive impact on those around us and help them deepen their relationship with Jesus.

We cordially invite you to join us in our quest for the Spirit and understanding of Jesus Christ. Let’s unite in seeking the Spirit, conquer obstacles, and bring light into a dark world.



Richard "LionHeart" Simmons

Reflecting back on the beginnings of LionHeart Generation Ministries

I am reminded of my own personal journey that ultimately inspired me to start this ministry. Growing up, my childhood was marked by brokenness and pain; for years, I struggled to find purpose and belonging. Yet throughout it all, my hope in God never wavered and I remained committed to seeking His will for my life.

One night, as I read my Bible, I came across Malachi 4’s prophetic words about turning children’s hearts towards their Father and restoring families. As I read these words, something inside of me shook and I knew God wanted me to be part of this mission.

Over the years, God continued to give me dreams and prophetic words that confirmed my calling. With a deep sense of urgency, I felt an urgent need to start a ministry that would raise up another generation of warriors for Christ and restore what had been broken in both my own life and that of others.

As I took a leap of faith and pursued this calling, I encountered many difficulties and obstacles. Yet I never wavered from God’s promises or prophetic words spoken over my life – they served to guide and direct me wherever it led. Through it all, I saw His hand at work guiding and directing my steps.

Today, as I reflect upon my journey and the start of LionHeart Generation Ministries, I am immensely thankful for God’s faithfulness and how He has used me to transform lives. With all my heart, I pledged to serve Him faithfully and hope to see a generation rise up with a LionHeart mentality – passionate about living for Christ and making an impact in this world.

Discovering LionHeart Generation Ministries: The Founder’s Background and Ministry History


Richard “LionHeart” Simmons is the founder and leader of LionHeart Generation Ministries, a Christian ministry dedicated to seeing children’s hearts turned towards their Father and raising up a generation for Christ. With over 40 years of experience in Christian ministry under his belt, Simmons has been actively serving God since 1976.

As a pastor, evangelist and mentor since 2004, Simmons’ devotion to ministry has only grown since founding LionHeart Generation Ministries in 2004. Through numerous books and resources designed to aid believers in their spiritual growth, his background includes serving as an inspirational motivator.

Simmons’ unique nickname, “LionHeart,” stems from his unwavering commitment to living with a LionHeart mentality – an attitude and mindset he created to demonstrate what it means to live for Christ with passion, purpose, and power.

Through his ministry, Simmons has had a profound effect on countless lives, encouraging and equipping individuals to cultivate a closer connection to God and live with a LionHeart attitude. His books such as “Raising the LionHeart Generation” and “The Power of Transformed Life” have received critical acclaim, inspiring believers around the globe to grow in their faith.

Simmons is dedicated to encouraging the next generation of leaders and disciples through his mentoring program, Eagles Arise. This initiative equips individuals with passion, purpose, and power so they can live life fully.

Richard B. “LionHeart” Simmons is an experienced minister, author and mentor who continues to motivate and urge individuals to live with a LionHeart mentality so they can make an impact for Christ in the world.

Testimonials: At LionHeart Generation Ministries, we are passionate about seeing lives transformed by God's powerful presence.

That is why we provide resources and support to individuals so they can live with a LionHeart mentality and grow in their relationship with Christ. Here are some testimonials from people who have been touched by our ministry:

“I have been a part of LionHeart Generation Ministries for several years now, and it has truly transformed my life. Their mentorship program, Eagles Arise, has encouraged me to deepen my relationship with God while giving me practical tools to face life’s obstacles. The resources and teachings from LionHeart Generation Ministries have been invaluable for my spiritual growth and have encouraged me to live life with passion, purpose, and power” – Sarah W.

“LionsHeart Generation Ministries’ teachings and books have had a life-altering effect on me. As someone who had experienced much pain and brokenness from my past, I was struggling to find purpose and belonging. Through LionHeart Generation Ministries’ guidance, however, I discovered the power of living with an attitude of love – how God can use even my suffering for His glory. Now, I live my days with passion and purpose – I am eternally thankful for this ministry’s influence in my life!” – Mark S

“The LionHeart Conference was an uplifting and challenging experience for me. The worship was powerful, and the speakers inspired and challenged me. I left feeling empowered to live with a LionHeart mentality and make an impact for Christ in this world. I wholeheartedly recommend LionHeart Generation Ministries to anyone seeking to deepen their faith and make an impact for Christ!” – Rachel T.

At LionHeart Generation Ministries, we are humbled and thankful for the impact our ministry has had on individuals around the globe. We firmly believe God is at work, so we are dedicated to continuing to serve Him and make a difference in this world.